Serenity Trust was registered in 2003 at Bangalore, with the objective of extending psychological services to those who needed it.


To make quality psychotherapy accessible to all sections of society.   To impart Serenity to those who wish.


  Ephraim John
  The Visionary

  Through the visionary   leadership of Ephraim John, Serenity Trust takes pride in enriching the lives of numerous people by imparting Serenity since 2003. He is people friendly and believes in a pluralistic community and continues to seek excellence through diversity and inclusion at all levels. His creative elegance serves as the foundation for our programs. He goes to extra-ordinary lengths for causes he believes in.

He radiates vibrancy and positive emotions among the team members. He provides administrative oversight and broad direction for all aspects of Counseling and psychological Services.


  Chris Thomas
  The Strategist

  Chris is responsible for   determining and devising the overall strategy of the firm. He motivates and leads the team in implementing and executing innovative methods of delivery of services based on the needs of each program. He works towards fulfilling the vision and mission of the firm set forth by the Director. He guides and evaluates the work of the team members and reports the same to the Director.

He oversees operations in accordance with the direction established in the strategic plans. He evaluates opportunities for expansion based on different markets and clients.






What our jail needs: A psychiatrist
[Published by Sunitha Rao R, Times News Network on May 30, 2012]



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